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As an athlete myself I want to offer the best online service I can at an affordable price. I say online service because there is no “group training” and that is hard for some people as they find it hard without the happenings of a group. I also offer different packages with different levels of communication as some people require it more than others and therefore require more attention in terms of interaction with the coach via a Skype call. There is only limited time in a day and I want to offer a quality service so I have limited availability on all packages and charge more to those who require that little extra.

Personalised programs built to suite your schedule and optimize the time you have available to train

Adjustments to your program based on post-workout feedback.

Program analysis with regular feedback and communication.

Race planning, preparation and performance analysis.

Athlete Testimonials

Terrence designed a very user friendly training program for me in 2012/2013. It makes it much easier having a fitness goal because you know what is expected of you every day. This was definitely the fittest time of my life and I felt fabulous. The program has variety, so you never feel like you are on repeat.

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Jessica Henning

I believe it’s because of Terrence’s in depth knowledge and skill of the sport coupled with his own personal experience and his ability to work out programmes that are specifically catered to each individuals needs and abilities that make him an awesome coach.

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Jo-Anne Rossouw

Free Initial Consulatation
Team Terra understands that improved performance happens when the coach and athlete have complete trust in each other. For this reason a compulsory initial consultation must be booked before an Online Coaching Plan can be purchased.
Beginner or Pro, Team Terra will help you achieve your goals.
Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle or complete an Ironman Team Terra will help get you there with your own personalized plan.
Built for YOU
Your coach will review your training history, health, current fitness levels, work commitments, time availability and sporting goals. Based on this your program will be built to optimize time available. Based on your progress and logbook your coach will adapt your program as well as provide you with feedback on your performance.
Planning your season

Whether it is general fitness, gearing up for your next Ironman or planning your entire season we will outline the way forward for you through upcoming training periods to achieve maximum performance at your main races and events.

Pricing and Currecny

All products are based in South African Rands.

Suspending your Membership
Team Terra gives you the flexibility to switch your membership on and off depending on whether you are injured, traveling or just taking a ‘break’ from training.

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